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The Irrelevant Elephant and the Horse of Remorse!

An hilarious and delightful story for primary-school aged kids, symbolically exploring the theme of bringing both self-authenticity, and respect for others into collective situations and social engagement.

“…The day that all the trouble started
Was when elephant came to school and farted.
He farted on his classroom chair
On the very first day that he was there!
Quite loud it was, oh such a noise!
It frightened all the girls and boys.”

The Irrelevant Elephant faces a dilemma – he’s eaten a lot of vegetation, and now he really needs to fart! But the teacher and the other students at school don’t like this! How does an Irrelevant Elephant learn to be in the classroom without upsetting others, yet not hurting himself by holding in his wind all day?? Along comes the Horse of Remorse to give him some clues. In the end the Elephant finds a very creative and entertaining solution to channel his wind!

The Horse of Remorse in the book is secretly symbolising our inner conscience - that part of us that tells us right from wrong. Through connecting with the Horse of Remorse, the Irrelevant Elephant discovers a way to be in the classroom in a way that is true to himself, and beautiful for others too.

This book is guaranteed to get some quality laughs from both adult and child readers! And can provide a great resource for exploring ideas around ways one can be true to oneself while approaching collective situations with kindness, creativity and care.

The book contains a glossary of terms for the bigger words, and a thought-provoking afterward for further contemplation.

Beautifully illustrated by Polina Hrytskova of Ukraine.


Dichotomous Hippopotamus and the Half-and-Half Giraffe

A fun , illuminating and beautifully-illustrated book about a hippo who is half pink and half blue - he doesn't know which part to follow because each part wants a something different. Half-and-Half the Giraffe comes along and helps the hippo to find integration, and the way to see and make choices from his one true colour. We can say this book is for kids, but let's face it, most of us can all relate to Dichotomous! Both adults as well as kids are delighted by this story - parents and children can enjoy the Hippo's journey together. It is a flowing rhyming story, illustrated by the amazing Polina Hrytskova of Ukraine.

This is the first of a series of Children's rhyming books; there are 4 more in the pipeline, starting with "The Irrelevant Elephant and the Horse of Remorse!". All the characters in my stories are fun archetypical aspects of ourselves. Delight, engagement and insight all wrapped together into delightful, beautifully drawn stories.

Now, Dichotomous may be a new word for some of us kids, and isn't spelled how it sounds. So there is a note in the beginning on the sound and pronounciation of Dichotomous (m // Di . kot . uh . mus // - a whole, divided into two parts) Dichotomous is one of my favourite words. This story was created because everytime I heard this word, I would think of a hippopotamus. I hope it will be a fun word for kids to learn and use too!

Art To Healing

Art to Healing’s mission is to create a world free of slavery, exploitation and abuse. Art to Healing provides trauma-informed care and mental health support of the highest quality. This vital support helps women and children recover from their traumatic pasts, build resilience and imagine new possibilities for their lives, that are free from fear, abuse and exploitation.

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