Who we are & What we do?

The mission of Prema Nishan stories is to foster self-awareness through fun, symbolic and magical stories.

Our Team

Prema Nishan
The Author
As a child, books for me were an escape from a world into which I didn’t fit; imagination was a refuge and ally. When I was a kid I couldn’t sit still and I was always in trouble, and it seemed to others that I was a nuisance at school – but I just had many wriggly creatures inside me that called for attention. As a 10-year-old child I was often sent to long periods of isolation in a small room for hours on end, and sometimes whole days. Because of this, I grew up believing something was wrong with me. Now I know much better, and I wish for all children to know and have their wholeness recognised and reflected into their world. My way is through the telling of story.

Dichotomous Hippopotamus might be one hippo split in two – but along the way he discovers what is true – he sees his wholeness. I now know and love my inner creatures – they help me to play and they show me the way to what is true. These creatures are my teachers, and I am passionate about using the wisdom of the creatures to tell stories in a way that is fun, imaginative, and offers aspects of self-discovery and insight in a way that children and adults can delight in.

Dichotomous Hippopotamus and the Half-and-Half Giraffe is the first book I have published, and is the first of many in a series of fun stories that reflect aspects of our inner world.

Look out for my next book: “The Irrelevant Elephant and the Horse of Remorse”!

Polina Hrytskova
The Illustrator
I draw children's illustrations because I still feel like a child. I grew up in a family of music teachers, without a father, in a small provincial town. I loved spending time in nature, climbing trees and playing with flowers, watching animals, birds and insects.

I have been drawing since early childhood. I graduated from college and worked as a teacher, designer, painted walls, painted icons, portraits, wrote poetry, sewed shoes in a factory, played keyboards in a rock band, was fond of woodcarving, sang in a church choir ...I like extreme entertainment: riding a motorcycle, parachuting, flying on a single-engine plane.

I have performed in Ukraine, Poland, Mexico and Russia with sand animation. I worked as a stage artist in America, in Hollywood, on the show "America's Got Talent" (backstage) and I created stage images, stage designs and decorations for different artists. I also collaborate with magicians, created drawings of illusion equipment, and design illusion devices (I once drew for David Copperfield!)

October 23rd 2020 I got married! I really want a lot of children, so far this is my greatest desire. To contact me or see more of my work, please find me at Facebook and Instagram.

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Art to Healing provides trauma-informed care and mental health support of the highest quality. This vital support helps women and children recover from their traumatic pasts, build resilience and imagine new possibilities for their lives, that are free from fear, abuse and exploitation.

The support of trained mental health and trauma professionals, community support and a solid foundation of safety, help women and children to rebuild and create resilient lives forever free from slavery.

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